Official Statement: Crumbl Luncheon

On December 4, corporate held an employees-only holiday luncheon during business hours. Those in attendance work together on a daily basis and do not work directly with customers. In the media seen on Twitter, the corporate team had just finished eating lunch. We did not reapply masks as quickly as we should have after eating, which was a mistake. More importantly — although we work together daily, we should have canceled the holiday luncheon entirely. As CEO, this is on me and I need to do better.

I — like everyone else — am doing my best to navigate 2020. Our brief actions during this gathering do not reflect what’s actually happening daily in our stores or at corporate. I promise to be more reflective regarding how my actions impact our Crew members, customers, and communities moving forward.

I am sincerely sorry to those I have disappointed and hope to regain trust through future actions.

Jason McGowan, Crumbl CEO and Co-Founder