What are your store hours?

Our stores are open from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 AM until Midnight Friday and Saturday. All Crumbl locations are closed on Sunday. Note that some store hours have been adjusted due to COVID-19. Check Google, Yelp or call your store to confirm their specific hours.

Do you have keto/vegan/gluten-free cookies?

We do not currently have keto, vegan, or gluten-free options available, but are always exploring new flavors.

How do I check my gift card balance?

Please visit one of our stores to check your gift card balance. We hope to provide you with the ability to check your gift card balance online in the very near future!

Can I use my gift card or QR code voucher online?

Gift cards and QR code vouchers are currently only available for purchase and use in-store. We are working as quickly as possible to make those options redeemable online and hope to have that done very soon!

Where can I find nutritional information for your cookies?

You can find nutritional information on this week’s cookies here.

How do I apply for a career at Crumbl?

We always accept resumes but be aware that not all locations are always hiring. Please apply by selecting your local Crumbl here.

Can I customize a box for delivery?

Yes! Delivery boxes can be customized. Order on our website or through our app to get a truly customized box delivered right to your doorstep!

How much do your cookies cost?

Our prices vary slightly by location, but our base prices are as follows:

  • Single - $3.00 (in-store only)
  • Box (of 4) - $10.00
  • Party Box (of 12) - $25.00

How much does Crumbl Cream cost?

Crumbl Cream follows the same pricing model as our cookies! Prices vary slightly by location, with base prices beginning at $3.00 for a single or $10.00 for a 4-pack.

How do you ensure the quality of Crumbl Cream is preserved during delivery?

Crumbl Cream deliveries will only be made 1:1 — meaning drivers will only take out one Crumbl Cream order at a time. This will ensure the Crumbl Cream is frozen when taken from the store, but perfect for eating if it arrives on-time!

What are your flavors of Crumbl Cream?

  • BISCOFF - vanilla ice cream with flavorful Biscoff cookie crumbs in every bite.
  • CHURRO - decadent vanilla ice cream with churro bits & cinnamon mixed-in
  • BUCKEYE BROWNIE - chocolate ice cream with soft brownie chunks & peanut butter throughout
  • VANILLA - smooth and silky vanilla bean ice cream
  • MUDDY BUDDY - chocolate ice cream containing Muddy Buddy pieces & peanut butter flavors
  • RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE - vanilla ice cream with hearty graham cracker chunks & raspberry swirls

Do you rotate Crumbl Cream flavors like you do cookies?

Our Crumbl Cream flavors will rotate on a quarterly basis.

Where can I find nutrition information for Crumbl Cream?

A nutritional label can be found on each container of Crumbl Cream.

Can I mix-and-match a four-pack with cookies and Crumbl Cream?

At this point, Cookies and Crumbl Cream are sold separately so do yourself a favor and order a pack of both to create delicious cookie & ice cream flavor combinations!

What is Crumbl doing to slow the spread of COVID-19?

We are doing everything we can to protect AND support our franchise partners, Crew members and communities at this time.

As such, we’ve made many nationwide operational changes since the outbreak, including…

  • Take-Out & Delivery Only — Indoor seating is no-longer available at any Crumbl location. We look forward to serving you via take-out or delivery and are quickly working to build additional limited-contact purchasing options.
  • No-Contact Delivery — Crumbl drivers as well as our 3rd-party delivery partners now leave all orders on the doorstep of each customer when delivering, limiting hand-off contact and the potential spread of COVID-19.
  • Limited Delivery — In an effort to protect vulnerable populations like the sick and elderly, Crumbl is no longer delivering to hospitals or nursing homes.
  • Operational Hours — All Crumbl locations will now close at 10pm on weekdays instead of midnight. This change will give bakers more time to clean and sanitize themselves and the store during and after their shift as well as decrease the need for evening shifts.
  • In-Store Social Distancing Policy — Numbers have been taped to the ground in and outside of each Crumbl location instructing customers on where to stand while waiting for their cookies in order to remain 6-feet-apart at all times. Instructions on this, as well as other safety guidelines are posted in and outside of each store.
  • Heightened Cleanliness — Heightened standards of cleanliness for every storefront & Crew member have been implemented throughout our baking and processing procedures. Each store is doing its best to ensure that Crew members remain employed, but aren’t working more than needed to facilitate social distancing internally.
  • Additional Policy and Procedural Updates — Each Crumbl location is individually owned and operated. As such, many Franchise Partners are developing additional policies and procedures to hinder the spread of COVID-19 in their respective areas.

Can I pre-order cookies for pick-up?

Yes! Order cookies on our website or through our app for curbside pick-up. When you arrive at the store, use the app to indicate that you’ve arrived, which will alert the bakers to start dressing your cookies! Your order will then be hand-delivered to your car.

Who delivers your local deliveries?

Orders are delivered either by a Crumbl driver, or delivered through DoorDash, with whom we have a partnership!

How can I franchise my own Crumbl?

Click here for more information regarding Crumbl franchising opportunities

How can I see the flavors of the week?

We announce the following week’s flavors, (served Monday - Saturday), every Sunday night around 6pm MST via Facebook, Instagram and our website. After that announcement has been made, you can easily view that list on our app or website as well as our in-store menus for the remainder of the week.

Is there an additional fee for ordering through curbside pick-up?

Curbside pick-up is completely free. If you’d like to leave a tip for the bakers, however, they would surely appreciate it!

What if I don’t live near a Crumbl store? Can I still send and receive cookies?

Absolutely! We offer nationwide shipping. Order here.

Are the cookies the same as your weekly flavors for nationwide shipping?

Any of the in-store weekly flavors that are suitable for shipping are included on the menu line-up for nationwide shipping. We only allow flavors to ship that will ensure safety and quality — we are continuously testing this to ensure that you have a great selection to choose from!

How can I track my nationwide shipping order?

After placing your order, you should receive an email with tracking information. If you have not received this, please use the chat feature on our website and our Customer Experience team will help you locate your tracking number.

Where are the cookies shipped from for nationwide shipping?

All shipping orders are fulfilled at our shipping office located in Orem, Utah.

How long does nationwide shipping take?

Nationwide shipping orders are shipped via FedEx the next business day. The cookies are packed fresh in individual sleeves to ensure freshness and take 3-5 business days to arrive.

How do you pick our Cookie flavors each week?

Here at Crumbl, we love creating unique flavors for everyone in our Crumbl family to enjoy! There are many deciding factors that go into which cookies are selected each week. Our founder and COO is incredibly passionate about our cookie lineup, which is why he handpicks each and every flavor. He takes in mind things such as inclusivity with flavors, time of year, and most importantly, customer opinions! We have our weekly selections planned out 3 months ahead, to ensure we are prepared with proper ingredients. So, whether you’re a chocolate-lover, peanut-butter-hater or a fruity-fanatic — Crumbl will have a flavor for you!